Changelog for alpha release 0.3.95

NOTE: This is an alpha release and snapshot of the current development. During the last years, major parts of lensfun’s internals have been restructured and refactored to make Lensfun ready for the future. We believe many things have been improved and we tackled some issues that have been discussed for a long time. However, nothing is perfect. We highly encourage all users of Lensfun to try this alpha version, help us to improve whatever is necessary and get a stable release, soon. An up-to-date list of open issues and discussion points can be found in the Wiki at Sourceforge.

Apart from the breaking changes listed at the end, all changes should be backwards compatible but many functions and variables have been marked as deprecated to encourage the use of the new improved API.

General changes



A lens does not have a crop factor, but the camera which has been used to get the calibration image. Previously, the lfLens class had a crop factor member variable which was quite misleading and limiting its extensibility. Therefore, all image or camera attributes (CropFactor, AspectRatio and CenterX/Y) have been deprecated and are now part of a new lfLensCalibrationSet structure. Every lfLens class is now prepared to hold multiple calibration sets, e.g. for different crop factors and aspect ratios.


New constructor syntax, the constructor now only requires the general image parameters. All other parameters which are specific to a certain correction type are now passed along in the new Enable...() functions which enable the different correction types.

Breaking changes


Overall we received 208 new profiles and 64 profile updates. Thanks to all the contributors!

(List on June 14th)

New interchangeable lenses:

New compact, smartphone, and action cameras:

New interchangable lens cameras:

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