Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 ClfCameraCamera data. Unknown fields are set to NULL
 ClfDatabaseA lens database object
 ClfLensLens data. Unknown fields are set to NULL or 0
 ClfLensCalibAttributesLens calibration attributes
 ClfLensCalibCropStruct to save image crop, which can depend on the focal length
 ClfLensCalibDistortionLens distortion calibration data
 ClfLensCalibFovStruct to save calibrated field of view, which can depends on the focal length (DEPRECATED)
 ClfLensCalibrationSetA set of calibration data
 ClfLensCalibTCALaterlal chromatic aberrations calibration data
 ClfLensCalibVignettingLens vignetting calibration data
 ClfModifierA modifier object contains optimized data required to rectify a image
 ClfMountThis structure contains everything specific to a camera mount
 ClfParameterThis structure describes a single parameter for some lens model