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lfLensCalibAttributes Struct Reference

Lens calibration attributes. More...

#include <lensfun.h>

Public Member Functions

bool operator== (const lfLensCalibAttributes &other)

Public Attributes

float CenterX
float CenterY
float CropFactor
float AspectRatio

Detailed Description

Lens calibration attributes.

This struct holds information about the images which were used to create the calibration data.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AspectRatio

float lfLensCalibAttributes::AspectRatio

Aspect ratio of the images used for calibration measurements.

◆ CenterX

float lfLensCalibAttributes::CenterX

The horizontal shift of all lens distortions. Note that distortion and TCA uses same geometrical lens center. It is given as a relative value to avoide dependency on the image and/or sensor sizes. The calibrated delta X and Y values are numbers in the -0.5 .. +0.5 range. For 1 we take the maximal image dimension (width or height) - this is related to the fact that the lens has a circular field of projection disregarding sensor size.

◆ CenterY

float lfLensCalibAttributes::CenterY

The vertical shift of all lens distortions. (0,0) for geometric center

◆ CropFactor

float lfLensCalibAttributes::CropFactor

Crop factor at which calibration measurements were taken. Must be defined.

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