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This structure contains everything specific to a camera mount. More...

#include <lensfun.h>

Public Member Functions

 lfMount ()
 Initialize a new mount object. All fields are set to 0.
 lfMount (const lfMount &other)
lfMountoperator= (const lfMount &other)
bool operator== (const lfMount &other)
 ~lfMount ()
 Destroy a mount object. All allocated fields are freed.
void SetName (const char *val, const char *lang=NULL)
 Add a string to mount name. More...
void AddCompat (const char *val)
 Add a mount name to the list of compatible mounts. More...
const char *const * GetCompats () const
 Return a list of compatible mounts.
bool Check ()
 Check if a mount object is valid. More...

Public Attributes

lfMLstr Name
 Camera mount name. More...
DEPRECATED char ** Compat

Detailed Description

This structure contains everything specific to a camera mount.

Objects of this type are usually retrieved from the database by using queries (see lfDatabase::FindMount() / lf_db_find_mount()), and can be created manually in which case it is application's responsability to destroy the object when it is not needed anymore.

example.c, and tfun.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ lfMount()

lfMount::lfMount ( const lfMount other)

Copy constructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddCompat()

void lfMount::AddCompat ( const char *  val)

Add a mount name to the list of compatible mounts.

valThe identifier of the compatible mount.

◆ Check()

bool lfMount::Check ( )

Check if a mount object is valid.

true if required fields are ok.

◆ operator=()

lfMount& lfMount::operator= ( const lfMount other)

Assignment operator

◆ operator==()

bool lfMount::operator== ( const lfMount other)

Comparison operator

◆ SetName()

void lfMount::SetName ( const char *  val,
const char *  lang = NULL 

Add a string to mount name.

If lang is NULL, this replaces the default value, otherwise a new language value is appended.

valThe new value for the Name field.
langThe language this field is in.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Compat

DEPRECATED char** lfMount::Compat

A list of compatible mounts

example.c, and tfun.cpp.

◆ Name

lfMLstr lfMount::Name

Camera mount name.

Mount names for fixed-lens cameras – and only they – must start with a lower case letter.


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